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Crabb Digital Media is a full-service advertising agency with a focus on the Digital Media Side. Website and SEO are only a small portion of what we do. Our staff consists of business experts that consult with and map out strategic plans to help business owners gain market share.

Affordable Digital Media Solutions

Crabb Digital Media Specializes in Helping Small Business Owners.

In 2008 this company was established just for Small Business Owners. We know what makes a small business into a big business. Our focus is on the needs of our customers. If you have a goal to grow your business and want to do it on a budget, Crabb Digital Media has solutions for you.

“If you are not meeting your clients in the Digital Marketplace, Who is?”

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What we do

Business Consulting

Looking to build an entire marketing strategy from scratch or do you need to refine your approach.  Crabb Digital Media can help. We work hand and hand to know and understand your needs and then together we come up with a strategy that will provide the best results possible.

Brand Identity

Marketing is all about brand recognition. We have the staff in place that can give your brand a fresh look that appeals perfectly to your target audience.  Branding is the heart of your business image, Crabb Digital Media team knows what it takes to get the brand seen by millions.

Web Development

Our web developers are some of the best in the world, and can take a concept from and idea to a working application that converts into sales. Developers make designs come to life. A website can not be merely designed, it needs a Crabb Digital Media Developer. 

Media Buying & Planning

Our CEO has been planning out media plans for over 20 years. He has worked in the Print, Radio, and Digital advertising field so long he knows all of the tricks of the trade. Advertising is a calculated risk but with proper planning and negotiation it can produce returns for a much lower investment then you ever thought possible. 

Social Media Marketing

Traditional advertising is dead.  Maximize your marketing budget and get results like never before by utilizing our expert Social Media Consultants.  We effectively use all Social Media platforms to drive business and Top-Of-Mind awareness. Crabb Digital Media is ready to help you survive the post-pandemic world.

Photography & Video Marketing

Crabb Digital Media contracts with some of the best photographers and videographers. Your message and image need to be perfect and these professionals can capture your message from behind the lens of a camera in a way that pulls your prospective client in. Call us today to schedule a professional photography session.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your website can be the best one ever built but without visitors no one would ever know. Crabb Digital Media has SEO experts that can work with your budget to help you climb to the top of the search engines.  Contact us today for a Free consultation and find out what we can do to drive more clients to you!

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Have you ever wondered why you tend to see ads on products and services you have been looking at online or even on your smart phone? Well in most cases you are seeing advertising like we place for hundreds of clients all over the USA. Using the power of Google we can find and put you in front of your target audience fast.

Email Marketing

Email marketing takes a skill set most people do not have. There are rules and regulations that you must follow or you risk getting flagged as a spammer and none of your emails get read. We utilize proven systems and marketing strategies that keep you in front of your client or prospect every 3 weeks with Call-To-Action campaigns.

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