Let’s Talk Atwater Magazine

Release Date June 15, 2023

Atwater now has their own magazine. Our firm has been doing digital magazines for the past 17 months and our Email Subscriber Base for this magazine will start at just about 9,000 with a Social Media Reach of nearly 30,000 people every Month.

Our goal is to get Atwater Talking about things that matter to our town.

This is the Magazine for the people of Atwater and everyone can have a voice. We want to hear from you:
          • Did you or a family member just get Engaged or Married? We want to publish that story FOR FREE!
          • Did you just welcome a new baby or grandbaby to the world? We want to introduce them also. Send Us a photo and and short story and we will make an announcement FOR FREE! 
          • Did you just open a new Business and want to tell the people of Atwater, Send us the information and we will include you in our New Atwater Businesses Section, FOR FREE!
          • Did your child make the game-winning play? Do you have the photo? Send it and the story and we will publish it, FOR FREE!
          • If you have any special event take place we want to help you celebrate and give our readers an opportunity to share in your joy! Just Call (559)474-2808 with your story and Let’s Talk!

Readership Stats For Our September 2023 Edition #2

Readership Within Atwater

Monthly Atwater Subscribers

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