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A Magazine Full of Everything You Want To Know About The Current Real Estate Market!

Covering Most of California & Soon Nevada & Texas!

This entire publication brings together local professionals that service homeowners, homebuyers, home sellers, and investors. This magazine is to be a resource for those wanting to keep up with what our current market is like. Buyers learn valuable information on how to buy a home right without the headaches and surprises that can come up. Sellers read Let’s Talk Real Estate to learn to monitor home values and make sure they know when the right time will be to sell, remodel, or refinance. Our investors read because a lot of our agents will put information on the newest best investment property available on the market. 

Our agents are selected only after we have been referred to them. The Staff then checks the agent’s reviews and makes sure they will have the best interest in mind to assist the over 1.7 Millions people we have within our Social media Influence and Reach.   

If you are a business owner that considers home owners, sellers, or buyers as someone you could identify as you key customer, call us at 559-474-2808 because we are ready to help.


A Message From Our Editor

Thank-You for reading and sharing our, Let’s Talk Real Estate Magazine. These magazines are published for some of the Best Real Estate Agents in the industry. As a Ex-Realtor with 10 Years of experience I make sure that the content is 100% reflective of what the public is wanting to know about our current Real Estate market.  

Shawn Crabb

Editor in Chief

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  • Fresno California

  • Hanford California

  • Madera California

  • Merced California-Coming

  • San Diego California

  • San Luis Obispo California

  • Tulare California

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